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Protecting Your Rights.
Defending Your Future.

The Law Office of Sam Sommerman

Felony Defense

A dedicated felony attorney in Washington can mean the difference between a successful outcome and serious consequences.

Aggravated Assault

If you or someone you know has been accused of sexual or aggravated assault, then it is essential to have the best representation possible.

Domestic Violence

Domestic violence issues are complex, and they require an experienced lawyer who understands the laws to protect their clients’ best interests.

Who is Sam Sommerman?

Sam Sommerman is a compassionate and zealous advocate. From shoplifting cases to high-profile murder trials, she has seen it all, working tirelessly for all her clients.

When someone is arrested or charged with a crime, they often feel that their rights are not respected and that the legal system assumes their guilt. In many cases, the evidence and police reports appear biased and unfavorable to the accused, while prosecutors may quickly file charges without a thorough investigation. This can be a stressful and overwhelming experience.

At The Law Office of Sam Sommerman, we understand the gravity of the situation. We will work tirelessly to help set things right so you can return to living without fear or confusion from potential legal implications. You can be confident that your legal rights will be protected at every step.

“Sam is truly an amazing attorney. She makes her clients feel confident. She knows her craft extremely well and is amazing to watch in the courtroom. I could not recommend her enough.”

previous client

“Samantha is a true legal soldier! She knows her stuff, is tenacious and FIGHTS for you!”

previous client

“I owe this woman my life. She stood up to the Goliath resources of the State, leveled against me. In the end, leading up to the verdict; she held my hand, which gave me some comfort as I was about to learn my fate… NOT GUILTY.”

previous client

Hiring an experienced criminal defense attorney gives the accused a voice in the criminal justice system.