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Navigating the legal system can be overwhelming and intimidating so when you need an attorney, finding the best criminal defense in Everett and Snohomish is a top priority. With years of specialized experience, our team provides much-needed advocacy for clients facing criminal proceedings in Snohomish, King, and surrounding counties. We care deeply about our clients and are committed to helping them achieve the best possible outcome.

With local contacts and specialized expertise, these professionals can help you build the evidence to defend the case. From collecting statements from witnesses to preparing paperwork for court filings, having a great legal team on your side can make all the difference in having your charges successfully dropped or reduced.

Class A, B & C Qualified Felony Offenses

If you are facing a felony, finding a qualified attorney to represent your case can be intimidating. At The Law Office of Sam Sommerman, we have the right Class A, B, and C-qualified felony defense attorney for your case.

Aggravated and/or Sexual Assault Offenses

If you or someone you know has been accused of sexual or aggravated assault, it is essential to have the best representation possible. Assault attorneys can provide their clients a lifeline in these difficult and stressful times.

Domestic Violence Offenses

Domestic violence is a serious issue that needs to be addressed in our society, and it requires compassion and dedication to provide proper representation for those affected. For this reason, seeking a domestic violence attorney with experience in domestic violence defense is essential.

Malicious Mischief Offenses

Have you or a loved one been accused of committing malicious mischief? This can be a serious charge, and you may want a qualified criminal defense attorney to help build a strong case on your behalf.

Disorderly Conduct Offenses

If you’ve been charged with disorderly conduct in Washington, you’re not alone. This common charge can result in painful consequences if not adequately addressed.

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