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Domestic Violence Charges

Domestic violence is a serious issue that needs to be addressed in our society, and it requires compassion and dedication to provide proper representation for those affected. For this reason, it’s essential to seek a domestic violence attorney with experience in domestic violence defense.

Working with a domestic violence attorney in Washington can be one of the most important decisions a person can make. Domestic violence issues are complex, and they require an experienced, knowledgeable lawyer who understands the laws to protect their clients’ best interests.

An experienced domestic violence attorney in Washington can provide personalized, professional legal advice and assistance tailored to an individual’s unique circumstances and needs. They will help their client fully understand their situation, as well as develop a strategy that will ensure they receive all of the rights and protections granted to them under the law.

Everett County Courthouse
Everett County Courthouse

Is Domestic Violence a felony in Washington?

Domestic violence is a serious problem across the United States, and Washington State is no exception. In Washington, however, domestic violence is considered a felony offense in certain circumstances. These include cases where there has been an act of physical harm or when the perpetrator has engaged in threatening behavior with the intent of causing some injury or damage.

It is also possible for a misdemeanor domestic violence charge to be upgraded to a felony if there are aggravating circumstances present, such as prior convictions for the same offense or use of a weapon. These violators face penalties ranging from jail time to fines, so it’s crucial for those accused of domestic violence to seek out professional legal counsel early on in the proceedings.

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